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AUG 9, 2023

Freedom Studios
Kuala Lumpur

Buongiorno and how was your weekend out there?

I enjoyed some time at my late-night hideaway in Chinatown…

Yet today I’m inspired to email you because sometimes you need to discover the truth.

See do you ever secretly worry that your business is going to fail?

That one day you’re going to wake up…

And it’s all going to CRASH:

Your traffic is going to stop working or stop converting

Your customers are suddenly going to hate you

Or that thing you’ve been taking so long to build is going to be a massive failure and nobody will buy


You’re going to get “found out” and have to go back to the old-day job.


Is this going to be true for you?

Let’s find out…

See last night I was on one of our private SSM workshop calls…

And on these calls each week I get to see people transform into “Full Time Freedom Business owners”.

Anyway, this guy Hayden from Australia checks into the call:

Hayden has a young family and built his Freedom Business on the side of his day job.

He worries that if he quits his job and goes full “Freedom Business” he won’t be able to support the family… pay the mortgage and do all the real-life responsibility stuff.

And that’s fair enough right?

We can’t all just fly around the world… Having adventures whilst our team runs the business like a well-oiled machine can we?

Well over the past few months, we’ve been doing a LIVE EXPERIMENT with Hayden.

See he isn’t in a sexy or new business.

He’s started a high-competition business:

Website design and development.

Yet a few weeks ago on our workshop call, we set him a goal…
To build his online business to the point where it:

  1. Makes consistent sales
  2. The work is done without him
  3. The work is delivered to happy customers without him

And he’s been doing pretty well on the sales:

I even showed him how to onboard a rock-star virtual assistant to handle the lead generation for him…

The assistant only costs him USD 335 per month for 5- 6 hours a day of lead generation.

That’s 5-6 hours a day that he would have been doing boring, mundane, repetitive work!

Yet here’s where it gets better…

Hayden had an upcoming family vacation to Europe and was worried about all the work he had to do.

So we quickly hired a new Account Manager to handle all his customers and project delivery.

Last night Hayden checked into our call from a beautiful summer house in Hungary… Where he took his wife and three kids.

He tells the story of his new Freedom Team:

“My account manager was getting slammed with stuff while I was at the airport. I was transiting in Dubai and looking at the number of Slack notifications I was getting…

Yet they were all being managed by my new account manager without me…

I said to my wife “If I didn’t have him, I’d be so f****d right now!”

Now Hayden sees the truth.

The work can be done without him.

And the work can be delivered to happy customers without him.

In fact…

The work must be done without him… So that they can focus on the vision of growing the business and making sure it all runs like a well-oiled machine!

So as he is over there on vacation right now we set a new target:

6 x new project sales

in 6 x weeks on vacation

with the team handling everything

The coolest thing about this story is that this result took a
MINDSET shift.

Hayden didn’t think it was possible to have people doing all of his work… Until we gave it all to other people.

Not only that…

His team is doing the work better than he could. In a fraction of the time. At a fraction of the price.

I left one big lesson for everyone on the workshop call last night:

Having a great remote team is NOT a luxury –

Like having a computer or internet access…

Your Freedom Business (and life) depends on it.


It is true.

You can have a Freedom Business that funds a life of adventure.

Yet it will only be successful if…


Hope this inspires you to offload your tasks this week.

Want to hear from me at the end of Hayden’s six-week challenge?

Hit REPLY to this email now and say “I’m following Hayden” if you’d like me to update you on how his challenge goes in six weeks!



Quote Of The Day: “I would rather earn 1% off 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.”
― John D. Rockefeller

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