Here at Timothy Marc, we are dedicated to providing clients with insanely profitable online marketing campaigns to fund a life of freedom, fun and adventure. From a boring accounting job in 2002 to my first freedom business sale in 2005, I learned techniques that would give me the lifestyle I’d always craved: and soon people took notice. We established the Secret Society Mastermind, a training program that would provide clients with all the knowledge needed to create a freedom business.

We now hold yearly events in exotic locations. We have more than 700 clients across the world. We continue to discover ways to make your new and established businesses grow through processes we’ve successfully tested. And it happens in the shortest possible time.

The Story

Before the discovery


I was working in an accounting firm, but something was missing. I was stuck in the day job of doom, absolutely bored to tears. I was young, straight out of uni and I knew it wasn’t for me. I wanted to wake up every morning excited about what I was doing. I craved a life of freedom, fun and adventure. So I boarded a plane to the USA in search of inspiration.

April 2005

Meeting the Secret Society


On my trip I landed in Los Angeles. It was here that I was introduced to the online marketing world, and discovered how wildly profitable it could be. I met these people who were running businesses while they travelled. I called my new friends the Secret Society. They were guys armed with only a laptop and they used direct­ response marketing techniques to fund their new freedom­ based lifestyle.

August 2005

The Freedom Business System


The Secret Society provided me with the freedom business system. It was designed to help me run an online business from anywhere in the world. Here was my chance to change my life. 3 hours after I set up my first campaign, I made my first sale. It was only $12, but as soon as that happened I knew this was real. I would do whatever it takes for this new lifestyle.

2005 - 2011

Building the first Freedom Businesses


So I went about building my freedom businesses with the new program I created. I soon sold 4 different online companies. It didn’t just work: it worked insanely well. I was waking up doing whatever I wanted to do, wherever I wanted to do it. These businesses were funding my new lifestyle, which allowed me to work whilst living the life I’d always craved. By outsourcing teams from anywhere in the world I drastically cut my costs and continued to build my freedom businesses.

May 2011

The Secret Society Mastermind


People soon noticed my freedom lifestyle, so I offered an online training course to a small list of people. It was designed to provide any start-up entrepreneur with the skill to build an online business of freedom and adventure. It was a success. I called it The Secret Society Mastermind, and the small list of people started to grow.

2012 - Present

Freedom Business Live


We now hold conferences at exotic locations yearly for all of our entrepreneurial clients. We’ve been to Thailand. We conquered South Africa. We partied in the Greek Islands. And now we’re getting ready for this year’s event: Las Vegas. Freedom Business Live provides a chance for the Secret Society to attend an online business strategy conference. We share adventures face-to-face and discuss how good it is to live the life of freedom, fun and adventure.

February 2016

Secret Society Elite


With so much success, we launched Secret Society Elite: a brand new program made for people have an already established business and have completed the Secret Society Program. They wanted to reach the next level. Does your existing company have a new set of problems? Do you want to increase profits? Do you need to build an automation team to allow you to live the life of freedom and adventure?

Put it this way: this elite program is designed to earn you more income while you work less. And in the fastest way possible.

May 2016

Secret Society Black


In addition to the Secret Society Elite, I created Secret Society Black. Here I work with successful, high-earning individuals who want entire marketing campaigns designed and built from scratch. I cover the entire business brand, the products and the online marketing through in-depth analysis and testing to create a business that works for you.

I was working in one of the largest accounting firms in the world. Yet something was missing
I craved freedom and adventure to do the work and activities that really inspired me
I took off to the USA in search of inspiration
I landed in Los Angeles where in Hollywood I met new friends
I was introduced to the Online Marketing world
They built online businesses using direct-response marketing techniques to fund their lifestyle
With this, life was filled with exciting adventures and freedom
My new friends from abroad gave me a simple system
Designed to take me from nothing to running a simple online based business
With my new freedom business skill set I created and sold 4 different companies
By outsourcing teams from all over the world I could drastically cut the costs of doing business
The businesses funded my lifestyle and allowed me to run the companies from anywhere in the world
People started to take note of my freedom lifestyle
I decided to offer a small email list an opportunity to join me in an online training course
Designed to give any startup entrepreneur the training and skill to build an online business
The Secret Society Mastermind training program was born
Each year we host our fellow entrepreneur clients at an exotic location somewhere in the world
We’ve done Thailand, the Greek Islands, South Africa, Bulgaria and Las Vegas
We decided to launch our brand new Secret Society Elite program
Built for people who have a successful business but now face a different set of problems in getting to the next level
Our Elite program is designed to get you more money whilst working less in the fastest way possible
I personally work with high net worth individuals designing marketing campaigns and businesses from scratch
Starting with our in-depth market analysis and testing to prove ROI
We create the entire businesses brand, products and marketing campaigns