The internet really became public in 1994, but we didn’t have the tools then. This is very new, this is very obvious… Anyone can do it. You just have to have some balls really.

Robert Neckelius, Sweden

You just really have that kind of network of people and because they share the same kind of values as you… You really have that shared value of a friendship... You’re on that journey together.

Matt Skelcher, United Kingdom
90 Second Explainer Videos

My Dad asked me ‘what do I want in life?’ And I said I want to be able to make money in my sleep from anywhere in the world. Those were my 2 requirements, and I’ve now achieved that.

Gun Hudson, Australia
Upgraded Travel

To say I’ve created the lifestyle I wanted is a big understatement... I was like, oh I feel like skiing so woke up, opened my laptop, got a coffee and went onto Airbnb. Next week I woke up in Austria and skied for 4 months.

Sebastiaan Vesseur, Netherlands
Global Performance Marketing Agency

I would say it really just comes down to making a decision. That I am going to be an entrepreneur, telling everybody that you’re going to be an entrepreneur, and taking the actions.

Brian Lee, United States
Multiple Online Businesses

The world we live in is a global economy, if you really want create the life of your dreams you can do it. You can start a business in a matter of weeks.

Spencer McMurtry, United States

Deep inside I wanted to run my own business. But if you’re in a normal job you spend most of your time in the office… Now I am my own boss, I can do whatever I want.

Chris Pillwein, Austria

I’ve always had this feeling that I didn’t fit in with society and the normal things… You become part of that mastermind… I’ve travelled to 6 countries in the last 3 months with people from that group

Kris Roberts, United Kingdom
Kris Roberts Fitness