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Timothy just wrote exactly what I wanted my life to look like. I went through little free training, and I just knew I just gotta sign up on this or my life will suck forever…

Laurits C. Denmark

Using the principles of SSM, I was able to get my first sale within 29 days. Really since then, it’s been a gradual progression of increasing the business and increasing numbers..

Benjamin D. San Diego, USA

I think I just met some friends for life here that have the same goals and we’re gonna push each other. I’m super happy to finally join an event like this. So, thanks Tim for putting it all together…

Imran L Melbourne, Australia

This was the exact same thing that I was kinda looking for.. One of the best decisions I’ve made.. Living the freedom lifestyle, being able to travel the world when I want to…

Ben C London, UK

I came across Timothy Marc’s SSM program and decided to join.. Since then I’ve learned a whole bunch of little skills and that allowed me to build and scale online shops and make sales all day long…

Paul T Australia

I can truly say that since joining SSM, my mind has expanded exponentially. LIterally, a world of possibilities have opened up that I didn’t know was possible.

Leo C New York, USA

Since I’ve been in Bali, this whole event has just been blowing my mind. They are just a huge inspiration and absolutely crushing their business goals has given me a 100% clarity on what I have to do…

Heath N Australia
I love the SSM live events that happen. I went to Bulgaria, Vegas and now here in Bali and it’s always incredible… And you just get so much value out of just chatting and talking with them…
Perlin E Newcastle, Australia

When I came here and I saw the things other people are doing and how normal it is, I was like, “of course I can do this.” It’s just game changing, paradigm shifting…


The experience here has been absolutely insane. The immersion has really taken my belief in myself and my business partner just to the next level.

Jesse B

The community aspect is great and at any point you kinda just go online and ask guys that done it or doin’ it.. That’s really beneficial. Tim’s great…

Ryan T Atlanta, Georgia

When I joined SSM, it’s been an incredible experience. Completely changed my life, change the way I think, and it’s been an incredible…

Victoria G Denver, USA

By taking this training course, it’s been incredible. They’ve kind support one another to go to the next level. And that is amazing! I think Tim is amazing…

Lekueyen L Minneapolis, USA

I found Tim.. it’s been completely life changing. I started, I quit my day job.. It’s been a complete 180 it’s insane. The SSM course was a complete paradigm shift for me..

Steve P Philadelphia, USA

I joined SSM because I wanted to be in control of starting my own online business. This SSM was almost a godsend…

Nick J Sydney, Australia

I joined SSM a couple of years ago and since then I’ve just been working on my dreams which is just travelling the world full time…

Perlin E Newcastle, Australia

Tim was a great guy. I resonated with him 100%. He made us what we are now. I’ll be thankful for I think forever for the guy..

Erin W Holland

My day job sucked.. I was just getting sick of it basically. So many cool people, the vibe is just really positive. You just feel more confident that you can get into their level or even higher.

Craig L Wellington, New Zealand

It was about 9 months until I got 10k per month.. And yeah once I got there, it’s been fantastic. The training is awesome, it’s really good…

Hursh D Perth, Australia

You could not have expected for this type of lifestyle to exist. The best internet marketing fairytale ever!

Victor P Sweden

How to be an entrepreneur. How to make the best out of everything whether in your private life, business life… Meeting up with awesome…

Erhan E Germany

Through Tims course you actually target someone who has a need.  You are doing a service by facilitating a value exchange…

Chris M Gibraltar

Going through resistance – just do it! I’ve met so many likeminded people with similar interests… This is all possible it’s real…

Gorazd R Slovenia

Whats most powerful is the community. When you’re with people that want to reach the same sort of heights and goals it’s just…

Ludvig F Sweden

I didn’t understand networking until the freedom trip….Meeting and connecting with likeminded people everything seems more…

Marcus W Norway

I had no idea how to market myself or brand myself… so many people that have similar experiences that you have…

Carl O Sweden

I love all the characters here and the likeminded people who you won’t find in the normal everyday life

Antal V Hungary

Eye opening thing is allowing me the option of having an online business while travelling. The community is so strong and to build a…

Jesse P United States

You have the doubts can I do this etc etc… you meets so many likeminded people from different cultures such as people like the…

Vince O United Kingdom

I learned that a group of people with a common goal to live a life of Freedom, Fun and Adventure can really happen…

Ashir N United States

Changing your minds perspective of how to go about business. Meet the same sort of guys that have the same ideas of how to live your life…

Soren M Denmark

“For me to be able to find and enjoy a free life completely on the internet… Being supported by such amazing guys and being completely…”

Rodrigo F El Salvador

Meeting other people and hearing stories from other people…Outsourcing specific skills that work for them and get you results

Alex C United Kingdom

You can leave your day job of doom and start living the life that you’re really looking for that you always planned…

Kitty K Hungary

Biggest thing I learned was learning systems and how it works.. how it defines our life… I get more free time!

Balint P Hungary

Meeting everybody and hearing their stories gets you really motivated… SSM allows you to make the best of…

Kiu F Australia

How you can automate your business and the procedures you can set up for your employees so that it runs behind your back…

Pamir P United States

The program teaches you to set your goal of what you want to achieve and the practical stuff to get you there…

Martijn H Netherlands

Biggest thing I learned was learning systems and how itReally good marketing stuff… the socialising and connections I’ve made with other people who were very similar to myself is really… works.. how it defines our life… I get more free time!

Tom H United Kingdom

I can do the things I desire and live the life I now choose to all based off what I learned. The ability to structure my own life…

Sohil N United States

That it’s all possible. Re-enforcing the mindset that everything that you’re learning is getting you further towards your goal.

Kris R United Kingdom

Gaining clarity in what a business actually is. Learning to outsource and learning the backbone behind a business, getting the…

Lova K Belgium

How to build a business from scratch..In a few weeks I learned how to be a business owner.. I found a way to be independent and have an…

Lenard F Hungary

Place yourself in the premium market and believe in yourself in that market…What people in your country will pay you…

Steph K Perth, Australia

It was really exciting learning you can make a business that you run while you’re traveling. Having the community to back you up…

Gun H Perth, Australia

Having this awesome lifestyle and seeing what you can achieve if we have the right mindset and the right tools…

Hedi A France

You get together and meet like minded people and share ideas. Has allowed me to really believe in myself and become the person…

Christoffer B Sweden

The community is the best part of SSM. Meeting the different people who have the same path as you with same goals…

Grant W United Kingdom

My clients immediately felt that I really cared for them and this really boosted my results. Having a really nice time with like minded…

Lyuboslav A Bulgaria

Make money from anywhere in the world. Take on employees in the form of freelances without the issues that come with employees…

James M United Kingdom

How to set up my business. I’ve seen a lot of online business’ without seeing how it starts. Very simple process of setting it up…

Neils S Germany

I had no idea what was marketing and what made a business go around… Meeting everyone  and having lots of Freedom chats…

Martynas D Lithuania

To really know that I can do something I like to do and to be able to get out of the path of social conditioning…

Roland S Austria

It doesn’t really mater which position you are in, what you have or what you don’t have – the community supports you and will push you…

Pascal F Holland

I can have the freedom I want to travel and meet people all over the world.. The community by far outweighs the entire…

Mir S Sweden

The two most exciting things I learned in the program were execution… and move on whenever you have a failure…

Neil E United States

Always wanted to be an entrepreneur but I had no idea of how to build an online business or to be an entrepreneur…

Bart D Netherlands

My favourite part was the automation.. I had a business already so I can use it for that using the step-by-step process…

Attila N Hungary

The amount of marketing knowledge that you get from the course is insane. Whenever you speak to clients they’re really impressed…

Tom N United Kingdom

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Robert Neckelius, Sweden - 2Hour Agency

"The internet really became public in 1994, but we didn’t have the tools then. This is very new, this is very obvious… Anyone can do it. You just have to have some balls really."

Matt Skelcher, United Kingdom - 90 Second Explainer Videos

"You just really have that kind of network of people and because they share the same kind of values as you… You really have that shared value of a friendship... You’re on that journey together."

Gun Hudson, Australia - Upgraded Travel

"My Dad asked me ‘what do I want in life?’ And I said I want to be able to make money in my sleep from anywhere in the world. Those were my 2 requirements, and I’ve now achieved that."

Sebastiaan Vesseur, Netherlands - Global Performance Marketing Agency

"To say I’ve created the lifestyle I wanted is a big understatement... I was like, oh I feel like skiing so woke up, opened my laptop, got a coffee, and went onto Airbnb. Next week I woke up in Austria and skied for 4 months."

Brian Lee, United States - Multiple Online Businesses

"I would say it really just comes down to making a decision. That I am going to be an entrepreneur, telling everybody that you’re going to be an entrepreneur, and taking the actions."

Spencer McMurtry, United States

"The world we live in is a global economy, if you really want create the life of your dreams you can do it. You can start a business in a matter of weeks."

Chris Pillwein, Austria

"Deep inside I wanted to run my own business. But if you’re in a normal job you spend most of your time in the office… Now I am my own boss, I can do whatever I want."

Kris Roberts, United Kingdom - Kris Roberts Fitness

"I’ve always had this feeling that I didn’t fit in with society and the normal things… You become part of that mastermind… I’ve travelled to 6 countries in the last 3 months with people from that group"

Luke Jamieson, Australia - Website Boss

"After 12 years of doing that and staring out the window at beautiful blue sky and wanting to go travelling and things like that I thought well, this isn't for me anymore."