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Our events are primed to provide you with all the cutting edge tools you’ll need to get started on building not just your own freedom business, but a lifestyle of freedom and adventure

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Freedom Business Live Mexico

Playa Del Carmen
November 2021

This year we will be living the life of Freedom, Fun and Adventure in the amazing country of Mexico. Learn the latest in Online Business tools and tactics whilst enjoying VIP access to activities, parties and experiences.

Lucas G. Sweden

“The live event was the obvious turning point for me and my business. By meeting people and being given insight and feedback I am now getting 3K$/month clients in revenue and more clients coming in constantly. The friends you get in the community is priceless. I recommend SSM to anyone who's serious about creating a life he/she loves! This is real, this is SSM.”

Corey K. Los Angeles, CA

"The past 4 days were absolutely INCREDIBLE! All of you guys are awesome and I can actually say I've made some incredible friendships. I've learned the precise next steps to take to advance my business that much further, and because of this Freedom Live event I was able to do something truly ONCE IN A LIFETIME."

Previous Events


APRIL, 2019

We got together for two full days of business immersion and adventures at night.


JUNE, 2018

We enjoyed incredible business building sessions amongst the summer vibe and tasty food of Spain.

Las Vegas


Venetian in Las Vegas saw our members going deep in their business and getting massive value from the expert speakers.

Las Vegas

JUNE, 2016

The 130+ members who joined us at the luxurious Venetian Hotel were given amazing value.


MARCH, 2015

In 2015 over 120 members joined us at a fantastic ski-resort in Bankso, Bulgaria.

Cape Town

MARCH, 2014

South Africa was one of those far-off magical places I’d always dreamt of hosting an event.


MARCH, 2013

The beautiful backdrop of pristine beaches and pure-blue water set the scene for our 2013 Conference in the Greek Islands.



Over 30 members joined us for an incredible experience, with many meeting each other face to face for the first time.