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It’s really hard for me to tell you this today, but it’s the truth and it will come out sooner or later: I have a disease.

Worst part - Chances are you are infected too.

I’ve just turned 30 and after spending the majority of my career learning, mastering, then teaching valuable skills to others (including how to get money)…

I’ve dealt with and luckily been diagnosed/cured (multiple times) with this most violently aggressive disease on the face of the earth.

Steven Pressfield in his epic book ‘The War Of Art’ calls it “The Resistance”...


and it’s incredibly debilitating.

The Ultimate Premise:

This is your life. Not mine. Not your partners or your parents or your families. It's YOURS. 

It’s a movie. YOU get to choose how it goes down and YOU write the script - anything else is BULLSHITTERY.

Will it be a Drama?
Heartbreak Story?

Or an epic Action/Adventure?

It’s YOUR choice and YOUR goals, dreams and desires that form YOUR movie script.

Never in the history of the human evolution has there been a better opportunity to get what you really want right now.

Want to tell your boss to f*$k off so you travel around Asia and Europe for 3 years straight? No worries.

Wanna buy expensive cars, clothes and get bottle service in Vegas for a month? It’s yours.

Wanna save/change the world? It’s for you to do as well if you want.

When your sister can’t afford the best band in Australia to play at her wedding - wanna jump in and make it happen for her? You can do that too (true story).

What’s the one thing that’s going to allow you to do all this?: Money.

Anything else is pure BULLSHITTERY.

It’s up to YOU to implement the proven, logical formula:

1. DEFINE what it is you really want while you are here on this planet
2. GET a good, proven plan and help (from an EXPERT)
3. EXECUTE the plan whilst

19 Ways To Identify And Eliminate The Bullshittery Disease From Your Life:

1. Reality Is Your New Best Friend. Forget Your Passion

If stuffed penguins are selling and the market wants that: you're selling stuffed penguins.

It’s like the guy that dreams about this one girl and goes to bed each night fantasising about how she is in love with him and playing all these movies in his head about how they are going to magically skip along sunset beaches together forever - the reality is she is probably off with some other guy… No matter how much he wishes to the heavens it wasn’t true, and she was snuggling up with him tonight - that’s reality.

Same goes with fantasies of fame and riches.

Wanna be great at guitar and become a mega star? Cool. Not gonna happen if you have a day job of doom. According to the bestselling book ‘Outliers’ it takes 10,000 hours to master something… 416 days straight. That's reality.

Here’s a plan that’s proven to work: Find what the market wants - sell that - automate the business so you don't have to be there - then go learn your guitar.

One of our Secret Society Mastermind members, Matt from the UK (who is a wicked music producer) did just that - He made reality his best friend. Instead of praying for a record company to sign him and make him a superstar (which you know isn’t gonna happen with the state of non-existent music sales now days), he built his Freedom Business so he had the income and time to be free and creative.

This "rule of reality" applies and relates to all the below rules. It’s the litmus test of Bullshittery: Constantly ask yourself “Is this true?, is this the reality of the situation?”.

Note: This same rule made Ray Dalio one of the richest men in the world and it’s a quality that permeates through every fibre of my own personal millionaire mentors that i’ve been lucky enough to have over the years. Read Dalio's amazing treatise called 'Principles' which is at the end of this article in the Resources section.

2. Forever Tweaking And Perfecting An Idea In Your Head: Therefore Not Launching Anything In The Real World = Bullshittery

This also takes the form of having lots of amazing business plans and thinking you are some sort of Richard Bransonesque God because of these great ideas - yet not executing on one of them to see them outside your head and physically in the real world for people to buy. Total. Complete. Bullshittery.

The amount of people I’ve seen sit in front of their computer for days, months and even years tweaking and perfecting an idea before even launching a 1.0 version to see if anyone actually will like/buy it is INSANE.

It's a fear of ridicule that is preventing the launch. It's a fear that all that thought energy and work will go unnoticed and unappreciated.

Well - there's only one way to really know: Get your shit out there in the market and let them hate it or love it. Either way it’s FEEDBACK IN THE REAL WORLD for you to use to create something better or even completely discard the idea and be a step closer to the one that’s going to make it.

One guy I knew spent over two years and thousands of dollars tweaking, researching, hiring a team and building before one real world customer even saw the thing (it was an app). It failed. What a costly lesson on his business journey - learn from this dudes mistake and get your stuff out in the world ASAP. Fire it out, then tweak.

3. Watching TV Constantly, Forever Checking Facebook, etc = Obvious Bullshittery

4. Not Doing Things That RING THE CASH REGISTER = Bullshittery

So you’re starting a business. Great. What’s the first thing you do?

Setup a company?
Get all your legal status, tax and business name set up?
Hire some staff and maybe an office?



Nothing happens in business until your cash register rings that very first time. Or in our case - you get a nice little email saying "You have just received $4980 in your PayPal account."

I’ll never forget when a close friend lost his job at a big real estate training company. He came home (we were living together) super upset and depressed. The next morning he got out of bed and decided to go wash his car (that he would probably have to sell now as he had a mortgage and lifestyle to fund)… Scared as hell - He thought deeply about his situation as he drove slowly to the car wash and made a pact with himself: “I’m going to drive through this automated car wash - and by the time I come out the other side, i’ll have my first client in my new business”.

A business that didn’t even exist.

He opened his address book in his phone and started dialling. Coming out the other side he had his first client who signed up for a monthly phone coaching package that hadn’t even been made, for a company that didn’t exist - which kept him alive whilst he built his website and all the other stuff.

Weeks later he had many clients. Now he’s internationally recognised as one of the most elite real estate trainers in the world.

All from getting fired (a seemingly devastating thing). All it took was one drive to a car wash - and most important ingredient: RINGING THE GOD DAMN CASH REGISTER.

To this day I remember the look on his face and how scared he was that morning he left to go wash his car.

At all stages of your business, whether you are just starting up with no idea, or worth millions: your one and ONLY job as the director of this movie is to RING THE CASH REGISTER. Then use that income fuel to fund the movie of glory. That’s it.

5. Not Dreaming And Thinking BIG = Bullshittery

See all those successful people out there? The ones with all that money and confidence and women. The ones that make you feel pretty inferior?

Let me tell you an insiders secret they don’t want you to know: It’s all FAKE.

The truth is most successful people feel like an imposter.

They are waiting for the tap on the shoulder from life to say "Hey you - you're faking it - get back down in the normal world of doom where you belong". The truth: I've been waiting for the touch on the shoulder ever since 19 when I had some people show up to a course I was teaching in Hollywood... and even though in reality I can feel scared that it will all go away sometimes - i'm still gonna keep on pressing forward until that tap on the shoulder comes.

When you get your first Freedom Business sale, that is someone sending you cash money for your work - you're going to feel a massive rush of excitement but also a small feeling of impending doom and fear as you step out into the unknown, unchartered territory.

Am I really a businessmen? an author? an entrepreneur? a success?

That is until that person who bought your stuff absolutely LOVES IT.

You can breathe... That is until the next sale/book launch/blog post/business launch.

Successful people are just as scared as you, yet they had the balls to leave that feeling to the side and go for something big anyway.

As the old saying goes “It’s lonely at the top” because most people are scared to really think and dream big in the chance that they just might achieve it!

It’s easier to simply fit in.

The Lion That Thought He Was A Sheep

There is an old Zen story that illustrates this entire philosophy perfectly. It’s a story about a lion cub who got lost and was brought up by sheep. He therefore acted like and thought he was a sheep until an old lion captured him and took him to a pond, showing him his reflection.

Many of us are exactly like this lion. The inner image we have of ourselves comes not from our own direct experience (Rule 1: Reality) but from the opinions of others.

A 'personality' imposed from outside forces replaces your individual light and you become just another sheep, in the herd - unconscious of your own true lion identity.

In a nutshell: You are who you BELIEVE you are. It’s a choice to adopt a sheep or lion identity.

Can’t you just hear the people around you: "Who are you to dare think you can do something amazing with your life? Who do you think you are starting a business? Why are you acting so confident you’re not like this? You’re going to FAIL… Come back down to my level and live a life of quiet desperation and misery."


You’re going to need big dreams because most people don’t dream big... therefore they can actually be much easier to obtain (less demand = more supply - reality economics).

There’s a concept called “Fake It 'Till You Make It”. Use it. Go buy those clothes you put off because they didn’t fit the image that other people have of you. Start walking taller and get aggressive with what you want and will accept in your movie script.

At the end of the day you’re the only one who controls how shit will go down. Start flying that aircraft at a higher altitude, lion king.

6. Following Someone Else’s Life-Movie-Script Instead Of Your Own

Enjoying A Casual Night Out In Sweden

If your girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t respect what is important to you = Bullshittery.

Get rid of them ASAP and minimise the break up downtime by excitedly refining your own movie script to something that’s bigger and better.

It’s called inner boundaries and you need to guard them as if your life depended on it - because it does.

Picture your deep inner world like a castle you need to defend and SHUT THE IRON GATE IN YOUR MIND in order to MAN THE FUCK UP. Don’t look at all your old photos of you and your ex tenderly embracing each other. Don't look at her Facebook or think about her. All that Bullshittery will just hold you back from doing the things that need to get done. When you shut the iron metal gate on people and situations you don’t want - you give yourself personal pride and power that echoes into all areas of your life whilst simultaneously attracting the right type of people into your world.

This isn’t being cold. It’s being real. All that time you spent cherishing with that girl who doesn’t respect you can be spent getting your hustle on and making your movie.

This rule also applies to your boss or any other authority figure in your life. They have their own movie script agenda for you to fit into. REFUSE.

Trust your gut. If you feel like you are following someone else’s movie or adjusting your own behaviours and actions based on another person then it’s time to back away and get back to your own script.

Always remember you are the one with the pen. Write whoever you want in the cast for your movie.

Am I saying walk in and tell your boss to shove it tomorrow? No. You’re smarter than that. Use your spare time to launch your successful Freedom Business so that in 12 weeks you can walk in and politely inform him your services are no longer available OR you’ll be happy to be an outside consultant at a fee 400% more than your salary.

I remember my Dad telling me every time we saw each other to get a job and not to start a business because it would fail. He would look at me like a wounded little boy that had no idea what he was doing. It felt pretty bad to be honest. A lesser man would have dropped the silly idea of dreaming big. However Instead of getting angry with him and shunning him - I kept my inner iron gate shut and quietly worked away in the background making my business successful.

Fast forward to now - It was great to be able to take him to Las Vegas (all the way from Australia) for his 60th birthday and have a golf trip together. He also enjoys taking my Corvette for a spin and coming to stay at my inner city townhouse.

I’m glad I did it this way: working quietly away at your goals instead of declaring war on the people that didn’t understand.

He still worries. But that’s just him being a Dad. You just smile, do your thing and let others do theirs. That’s part of handling life like a boss.

Your script, you’re in control.

Closely related is...

7. Hanging Out With People Who Don’t Support Your Goals, Dreams And Desires (Movie) = Bullshittery

Reality: If you want to get your goals and be successful you’re going to lose some friends.

Some will get jealous of your new found fortune, some will attack you and try to drag you down, but the most likely is that some will just fall away naturally as you expand your circle to include people that are more like you. People that by just being around, elevate your soul and make you come alive.

I have a theory that on a deep level - people with the same soul end up attracting other people with similar souls into their lives.

This theory has been proven each and every year with our Freedom Business Secret Society Mastermind community. Every time we go on a Freedom Trip (where all of us who built freedom businesses meet up somewhere exotic in the world - see Greece Freedom Trip photo below) - whenever new members meet for the first time they are TRIPPED OUT at how similar we all are. It’s instant lifelong friends.

This because we all share the same element: we are all on the same quest.

Secret Society Mastermind In Greece

It’s so powerful and natural to connect with people on the same quest as you. Use that power to move toward the people that vibe with you and your goals and away from those who can’t see the vision you have.

Not vibing with the people in your life right now? That’s cool. They probably don’t have the same quest. Do everything you can to find a tribe of people who are on the same quest. Life feels effortless and easy when you have your tribe.

8. Not Taking Personal Responsibility For How Your Life Is Right Now = Bullshittery

Too many people play the victim card. You're better than that.

It’s easier to blame the government for the state of your country. It’s easy to blame the boss for your lack of money. It’s easier to blame your parents for their lack of support.

You can blame and whine all ya like... It's not going to change your actual real life situation though is it?

You’re a big boy now - therefore the little choices you have made and the life you have created leading up to this moment have been yours. Own them.

Own the world you live in right now:

Whether it’s the life you want or not - you are responsible for how things are right now. Not your parents and how they treated you, not your native background, not your mental illness, not your school teachers… YOU.

If you’re fat it’s pretty simple - you eat too much cake and don’t move around enough. It’s not your genes or the way you were raised or whatever other victim excuse you can muster.

It's pure fact. REALITY.

You and I are made out of the same stuff (legs, arms, head, brain, skin, bones) and you have the same access to information through the internet on how to fix things as I do.

Secret Society Mastermind In South Africa

If you’re broke - you are either working for someone else to get rich, or you spend your money on Bullshittery (read: blowing your cash on escapism things like getting smashed every weekend/drugs or crap you don’t need).

I’m all for getting smashed, but i’m not doing it to escape a life I hate. I’m doing it because I enjoy a drink or seven with friends.

The real power happens when you take responsibility for the way things have shown up for you in life now - good or bad. Honour the moment you are in. Then you can take responsibility and DIRECT how things will happen in your movie in the future.

Recently i’ve started hitting the gym again. I’ve been honest with myself that I could be in better shape. My first workout was HORRIBLE. I was a lot more unfit than I thought… yet I was happy because at least I know where i’m at so I can start heading to where I want to go.

Same as when you walk up to that girl at the bar and get blown out - it’s not failure - it’s FEEDBACK so you can use your new best friend (reality) to refine the script and get what you want.

In short: Don’t be the "victim guy" because people will not want to hang around or support you.

Again: You have access to the same internet that I do to figure out a better way to get more income or a better body or a better lady friend. Although a word of caution: the internet is 99% Bullshittery, especially on these subjects. Which leads me to the next point...

9. Getting Advice From Anyone Other Than A Proven Expert = Bullshittery

A proven expert is someone who has actually done EXACTLY what YOU want to do and can translate that into a direct plan for you to follow.

You HONESTLY think that $27 ebook or $9.99 amazon book is going to give you the answers you need?

No. If you want access to the REAL stuff that’s going to work you will have to PAY. I personally invest around $30,000.00+ a year in the BEST courses or travelling to build relationships with people who have done what I want to do. I’ll make that back and more a lot faster than if I sat, dicking around on the internet trying to do this by myself.

Above I mentioned how I started hitting the gym again. What was the very first action I took? I found the winner of Mr Southern Hemisphere bodybuilding competition who just so happens to live here in Melbourne and paid him $150 for a quick consultation. I got more DIRECT REAL VALUE out of this half an hour that I would have spending days researching the perfect diet and training all week on the internet.

Take note about how I deliberately chose the best bodybuilder in Australia - not some fat personal trainer at my local gym who will write me up the same standard program as the rest of the sheep. You want to be the best you need to learn from the best. The guy thats been out there interacting with reality and came out a winner. That's the guy you call.

Have you ever heard of the concept of "Buy in"?

Focused Intention Towards Goals

Buy In = A Pure Focus Toward A Goal

The amount of 'buy in' you have will predictably determine the amount of success you have. It's when you invest ALL of your energies into something. Physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual. Everything you have: directed and focused toward a single goal

See I have friends who want to learn this whole Freedom Business building thing from me. They see all that i've done and say "Hey Tim can you show me how to do it?". In the past i'd sit them down and have a coffee, lay out the exact plan that they need to hit their target income and goals only to call them a week later and find out that they didn't do a single thing i'd set out.

Apart from pissing me off for wasting my time, It would baffle me as to why someone who wanted a goal so much didn't do the necessary steps. Or would start and do some of it, then fall off.

The answer was buy in NOT motivation levels.

Do not worry about motivation because motivation will come and go like the wind. Motivation will NOT get you through the hard times. Only BUY IN on ALL LEVELS will.

That's why now I send all my friends to my email opt in (which I only send emails out I'd send to my closest of friends) and if they really want to learn, they will invest in my next round of the Secret Society Mastermind course. Only then will they actually see the Freedom Business success that they crave show up.

When you get excited about a goal and it's achievement make sure the very next thing you do is buy in. Say you invest $5000 in learning something from a proven expert (meaning you will actually get that value back and more). You're much more likely to execute on this than if you paid $9.99 for a kindle book on the subject.

You will shave years and years off your learning curve if you get the right training rather than sitting there trying to figure it all out on your own. I'll go as far as to say you’re straight up doomed to end up on the scrapheap pile of broken dreams if you don’t get a proven expert to show you the way.

Don’t re-invent the wheel. Meet someone who already has the map and do whatever it takes to get it from them.

10. Not Being Honest And Cutting Through To The Core Of An Issue = Bullshittery

Putting off that phone call? Difficult conversation? Running away from certain people or situations?

Time to man up and GET REAL with this stuff. In order to keep moving forward with inner confidence, you need to be honest with firstly, yourself, and secondly, everybody else.

Start today by simply telling people how you really feel. Don’t censor or filter it. Let it out and see your own personal confidence immediately skyrocket.

A word of warning though: Sometimes honesty without compassion is just being an asshole. Part of being a boss at life (and business) is understanding your audience. Have empathy for the person you are being honest with by understanding where they are coming from too.

For example - say you’re not happy with something your boss is doing: “Hey boss, I feel that the way we are handling the marketing could be done better - is now a good time to share this with you?”

The key is the “I feel that X therefore Y”. You can’t argue with feelings and here’s the best thing - people appreciate and crave AUTHENTICITY. They may not agree with you but they will respect you for your honesty.

This is so true for your business and what you are selling as well.

Secret Society Mastermind Freedom Medallion

Are you HONESTLY creating real products of REAL value for people? Or are you just trying to get money with no focus on the end user?

The latter can be okay in the short term but devastating in the long run for everyone involved.

Be honest. MAKE AMAZING STUFF. Stuff that when people buy it - they are so excited that they tell all their friends about it and give you glowing testimonials naturally.

It’s just as easy to do this than to focus solely on the money grab.

11. Not Closing The Doors Of Your Past = Bullshittery

I’ve done dumb things. A LOT of dumb things. In business, relationships and life in general. But once a goal is set in your mind then the doors on your past are to be SLAMMED IRON SHUT.

No need to go deep and revisit inner wounds from the past. That will just make your brain go in circles about “what you could have done” which doesn’t serve you or your goals.

When you find yourself thinking about that old girlfriend/boyfriend, that business that failed, that person in your life who doesn’t like you: SHUT THAT GATE or you will drown in a sea of mental Bullshittery. Just go do something else - like refine your movie. Hit the gym. Eat well. Do something nice for someone you love.

Time and time again it’s been proven that every adversity contains the seed of greater or equal reward. Ask Napoleon Hill from Think and Grow Rich - his book “Grow Rich With Peace Of Mind” contains this secret i’m sharing with you now. Get it, read it, live it and see your life transform into what’s advertised on the cover.

12. Letting Your Head/Ego Get Too Big = Bullshittery

If you close the doors on the failures in your life you have to close the doors on past success too.

Don’t let your head get too massive. Keep a quiet confidence about you when things go right and acknowledge that as quickly they have gone great, they can go bad too.

People who eliminate Bullshittery are usually on an even emotional keel. They enjoy the shit out of life for sure, but they don’t get too far manically excited and they don’t get too far deeply depressed. It’s more of an equanimity (as buddhist circles would call it). This rests squarely on their ability to shut that iron mental door when necessary.

I’ve personally found that something as simple as 10 minutes of meditation in the morning and night is a fantastic way to keep this in check. Science has proven it as well.

13. Taking Life Too Seriously = Bullshittery

View life as one big video game. If you press this button what happens? Feedback -> Reality -> Press another button -> Feedback -> Reality.

That’s all it is. Might as well have fun whilst doing it. Make jokes and talk rubbish whenever you can. Humor is a great way to get through the day/life. My close friends and I are all on a WhatsApp group and talk trash on there all day long.

Here's why it's important: Shit happens. Stuff you can't control happens. You'll get curveballs. It's tough sometimes.

Instead of manically trying to control everything - it's time for you to relax, put your feet up and have a good old laugh.

Secret Society Mastermind - Thailand

Ultimately you must develop within you the capacity to light yourself from the inside. Making your way through the darkness, doubt and guilt when you find yourself without any companions, maps or guides.

This could be hours spent alone in your apartment crafting your new business… or walking up to a girl at the bar having no idea what will happen (but going for it anyway).

As long as you are following the smiling, glowing light inside, you’ll be ok and you will be comfortable with time spent alone. Own that time like you chose it and stop yourself from fantasising or distracting yourself from what needs to get done for you to move forward.

14. Seeing Someone Who Is Successful and Labelling Them as Evil/Capitalist/Mysoginist/Hippie/etc = Bullshittery

"I feel like if I eat enough of these Lucky Charms, good things will start happening for me" - Dan Bilzerian

Before criticising or judging someone ask - are they living their own movie?

Criticising the successful (or anyone for that matter) is full Bullshittery.

Chances are they are living their movie and you aren't - that's why you're quick to judge. You're hating YOURSELF not them.

Same law applies when you get criticised. It’s not about you - it’s about the person throwing the mud. They are quietly unhappy inside so the only thing you can do is not react, smile to yourself and keep "doin ya thang".

Perhaps your boss way of dealing with life will inspire them to snap out of their own Bullshittery.

Perhaps it won’t. Who cares?

You’ve got more money to make and more fun to have.

15. Feeling Inferior, Not Good Enough or Worthless in Comparison to (Insert Perceived Higher Value Person Here) = Bullshittery

There are a great many who profit from your feeling of worthlessness.

Society has naturally, through the open capitalist markets, created a structure where you are bombarded with advertising that makes you feel like shit - so you buy something to “fix” yourself. Easy Marketing 101.

Here’s a newsflash: You’re not broken. You don’t need fixing. You’re absolutely perfect because you are YOU.

The sooner you wake up to this fact - the sooner you can be a better person in the world. Smiling at people instead of feeling defensive. Getting more social and enjoying yourself instead of feeling like you need to live up to an image that is never realistically attainable anyway.

The reality is you came from the same womb as everyone else and you’re heading the same place under the dirt as everyone else.

If you’re fat and it’s getting you down - you have everything at your disposal to change that. If you’re fat and happy who really cares?

Same if you’re broke and it’s getting you down - you have everything at your disposal to change that. If you’re broke and happy who cares?

I’d much sooner hang out with the fat broke happy guy, than the rich good looking asshole.

Don’t let the ads or the internet fool you. You’re on the other, more powerful side of the fence now - the ad creator. The PRODUCER not the consumer.

You could try and argue that this type of marketing and capitalism is bad/greedy/wrong/etc but remember our golden rule: It’s not your job to complain about the state of the world… it’s your job to do your best with with the way things really are. It’s like golf - you gotta play the ball as it lies. If you hit it into the sand then you can’t just wish it out of there or argue about it.

If you want to change the world for the better then that’s very noble of you… But you’ll need money.

Nothing is more pathetic than someone who wants to help the world but can’t help themselves.

Play life as it lies. Reality is your new best friend.

16. Not Telling People You Love, That You Love Them = Bullshittery

There’s nothing more important in this world than your close, carefully chosen friends and your own family. NOTHING. They form part of your TRIBE and you are to protect and love them with everything you have.

In return, they do the same for you. As a human being, biologically on all levels you need this - there is no getting around it. It also feels great to love people so much and have that feeling reciprocated. I’m not talking about a needy comfort type of love - i’m talking deep “i’m so happy you are in my life” type love.

Going to sleep at night and waking up in the morning knowing there are people out there who are happy to have you in their world is a pretty amazing feeling. Much much more amazing than going to sleep with a large bank balance. Both is the ideal but if I had to choose one - i’d choose my tribe every time.

When you hug someone HUG them so they feel that you love them. When you shake someones hand give them a firm shake with a look in the eye that says “I’m so happy to see you and be with you right now”.

And most of all: Tell them you love them. It doesn’t have to be a creepy “I love you” (in a deep, weird tone)… It can be as simple as at the end of a text message say “Love ya” “Have an excellent day”.

17. Not Getting Excited And Positive Around What You're Doing = Bullshittery

If you wake up each day and groan at the alarm clock, pondering the rubbish you have to do that day then something is VERY wrong.

You need to wake up as EXCITED as a kid at christmas. With the wonder and excitement of the unknown adventure ahead.

That scenario sounds very unrealistic to the person in the day job of doom - but for those in the Secret Society - it’s reality. I’ve been in both situations and i’ll never EVER go back to the alarm clock day of doom.

18. Unnecessary Worry and Anxiety = Bullshittery

How often do you run all types of failure scenarios around in your head?

What if it doesn’t work? What if I fail? What if I suck?…

All Bullshittery.

If you fail you get FEEDBACK. Feedback that makes you one step closer to your success. I won’t go on about how many times Edison tried the light bulb invention. Those examples have been done to death.

Just push that worry to one side and keep going anyway. The reality is you have no other option. If you worry and it stops you from taking action then you’re screwed 100% of the time. If you worry yet keep going, you still have a shot.

Important Note: Never underestimate the power of human RESILIENCE. As I said earlier - within you is the EXACT SAME power as all those sport and life heroes you look up to: to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go at it again - no matter how bad or hard things get.

Remember that we’re all made out of the same stuff. It’s what we do with it that counts. Action, action action.

GET MOVING and notice how that anxiety naturally melts away like the warm spring sun on an icy mountain morning.

19. Doing Anything Other Than HUSTLING = Bullshittery

The opposite of someone who indulges in Bullshittery is called a HUSTLER. You’re a hustler. Your one job is to HUSTLE. Hustling is the action you take that makes the cash register ring and your life sing.

A lazer focused hustle toward your goals is ALL that is needed. Goals that put a big fat soul-glowing joyous smile on your face that can't be wiped off by nobody.

"What!? Hustling!? Oh but I'm not a salesman - I hate sales"... BULLSHITTERY

Do you have a job? Then your actually selling your skills to a company and boss who does not give a shit about you.

This is the complete opposite way that 99.9% of people view their professional life. They think they are lucky to have a job. What they don’t realise is that the school system put them through all that skill learning so a corporation could buy your skills at a discount.

Economic reality: SUPPLY and DEMAND.

The companies get you at a discount because the problem is every Tom, Dick and Harry now has those same skills you have, because you all went to the same damn schools learning the same damn shit.

Listen to me very carefully: you need to understand that YOU are a business - YOU INC - and you can start consciously improving specialist skillsets that are more valuable than most of the horse shit taught in schools and university - where you come out of your decade of learning - only to be competing with thousands of others going for a limited amount of job supply.

Yes. We still need doctors and nurses and all that. There is economic demand for them and if you’re passionate about healing people then that is WIN/WIN. Become the best damn doctor on this earth by honing and refining your specialist skill set.

Lucky I learned this important lesson in economics ten years ago doing something incredibly different than the norm: teaching guys how to pickup girls in nightclubs. I earned way more money, doing something way more fun, on only the weekends - than I did at the entry level accounting job I left.

Pure reality at play: It’s because I learned a skillset that was valuable to a market.

Another tip: What’s valuable today may not be valuable tomorrow. Spare a thought for all the jobs lost in the car and manufacturing industries. As the money moves out of there it has to go somewhere… Currently it’s online and tech that is doing well.

So here’s what you need to do in a nutshell:

Pick valuable products and skillets (by researching and testing out the market to determine if they will actually pay for it) - create a business around it - and own the game.

Ok ok ok - so step-by-step HOW do you do this?

The four step, logical formula:

1. DEFINE what the hell it is you want while you are here on this planet
2. GET a good, proven plan and help (from an EXPERT)
3. EXECUTE the plan whilst
That’s your job as a hustler. Attack each of these steps separately and fiercely to form a complete whole life that serves you, so that you have the fire to serve the world.

It’s funny because as a hustler... although some people may not like you - they will RESPECT you.

And those that like you will actually LOVE you.

People naturally gravitate towards those with clear boundaries and a hustlers spirit. Those people who actively identify and eliminate Bullshittery. Because these are the REAL people who can make REAL change in the world.

They can look after themselves emotionally, physically, in relationships and financially. And because they have done this for themselves first (what ignorant people would call selfish) THEN they can help others.

Being a slave and sacrificing yourself for someone else's gain is the common age-old manifestation of Bullshittery that will continue to go on until the end of time unless you choose not to play that game.

The brilliant thing is when you make the shift from a BULLSHITTER to a HUSTLER you can come back to your tribe and help them too. That’s the final and most important step in your heroic quest.

I’ve observed some amazing changes to hundreds of people in our small freedom business tribe: Kable (who posts on this blog too) has completely changed his life since quitting his day job of doom and now makes a LOT of money because he is now in control. Not only that he LOVES helping others and bringing back the golden knowledge to our tribe too… When you go through a heroic journey, you WANT to then come back to the tribe and share/help. It’s part of completing that circle of life and desire that everyone has to genuinely help others.

Which, now that I think about it, is why i’m writing this post and doing what I do in the Secret Society Mastermind (SSM) community.

Bullshittery - it’s a crippling disease, but it can be overcome little by little, each and every day and I sincerely tip my hat to anyone who is actively fighting it now.

You can take or leave anything in this article, in the end it’s just my opinion, based on my experience of the stuff that currently works for me.

All of it is subject to change as I interact with reality and play the game some more.

My guess is you will read this and either 

A) feel a burning fire in the gut - to eliminate the Bullshittery disease or

B) Get offended. Pissed off. Feel more victimised and go eat more cake.

When all is said and done: Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate and SSM members gonna create.

You can’t stop us.


19 Resources And People To Help You Now:

In this section of the article I want to share with you, in no particular order, some of the personal resources I continue to learn from to keep me from falling into the "Bullshitery Abyss Of Doom" and hitting my own personal goals. These people can and will do the same for you and I can't emphasise enough how great these people and their body of work is. Most importantly they are true experts who you can trust investing in. Pick one, or all, and start soaking up the knowledge.

Ray Dalio | Founder of investment firm Bridgewater Associates

Ray's personal net worth was built from nothing to $10 Billion. His personal treatise on this and life, title 'Principles' was where I found the "reality" concept among other great ideas explained really well. Download it for free here.

Tim Ferriss | Author of The 'Four Hour Work Week' and Serial Tech Investor

Tim's book 'The Four Hour Work Week' further ignited my own spark for entrepreneurial freedom. His blog is a continual resource for the most actionable and inspiring content for any modern entrepreneur. He's sold millions of books on a wide range of interesting topics and i'll continue to follow/read any of his own recommendations. His blog inspired my own blog design so make sure you go direct to the source and check his fantastic blog and books here.

Steven Pressfield | Author of The 'War Of Art'

The War Of Art could easily be one of the most important books i've read in my entire life, inspiring this very post. Steven describes the internal forces that try to fight your creative and success goals as 'The Resistance' and is a personal favourite read of a great many successful entrepreneurs. His blog is also an never ending source of inspiration from a person speaking directly from his heart and soul as your every day warrior fighting away those inner demons of destruction. Get in on it all here.

Pat Flynn | Founder of the 'Smart Passive Income Podcast'

Patt is a super genuine, down to earth guy who built his freedom empire online and is only too happy to share all the good bits and tips on his podcast. His content and interviews are the latest in Freedom Business building and are a great source of inspiration to thousands of listeners. His family values and humble nature make him a choice expert to learn from. Start listening to his stuff here now.

Chris Guillebeau | Author of 'The $100 Startup'

Chris did something incredible. He created his Freedom Business then traveled to EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD whilst documenting the entire adventure on his blog. Not only this, he wrote a fantastic book called 'The $100 Startup' that interviewed a ton of successful Freedom Business owners and how they actually did it. Another refreshingly positive, real and down to earth dude who will no doubt help you hit your success goals. Check out his blog and book here.

Ryan Holiday | Marketing Strategist and Author of 'The Obstacle Is The Way'

Ryan cut his teeth as the head of marketing for the famous American Apparel using innovative branding and strategy to drive massive growth and sales. He has advised some of my favourite best selling authors such as Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene and Tucker Max - and from what I can gather single handedly ensuring their success. His latest book 'The Obstacle Is The Way' is a brilliant work that takes ancient Stoic philosophy (the playbook for getting things done no-bullshittery-style) and makes it applicable and accessible to the average Freedom Business builder. Get on his blog and books here.

Tynan | Author of Tynan.com and the SETT blogging platform

Tynan and his philosophy on life continues to inspire my own personal journey. Not only is his blog directly in correlation with the core values of Freedom Business - but he lives them every single day and you can read all his rad adventures that include buying and island with this friends. He coded his own blogging platform called SETT and you'll find a goldmine of useful articles and inspiration on his blog here.

Joe Rogan | Entrepreneur, comedian, podcaster, MMA celebrity (plus a lot of other stuff)

Joe is THE guy you wanna have a beer with. Funny, intelligent and knowledgeable about pretty much everything. He's not afraid to push the envelope in his own life - and share his findings with his hugely popular podcast. He also interviews the worlds leading experts in a lot of different, interesting areas. A must listen and follow here.

Chase Jarvis | World leading photographer turned entrepreneur

Chase is a hugely successful commercial photographer which is great, but not why I personally really dig his stuff. He has managed to teach the world that if your an X (let's say a photographer) you also need to be an entrepreneur as well. Having a skillset is not enough - you need to market that skillset. His own thirst for how to do that for himself (and he has, very well) has driven him to share the same philosophy with others - not just in the photography space. One to keep an eye on.

Noah Kagan | Founder OkDork

Noahs blog 'Okdork' is a staple among successful bloggers and entrepreneurs alike. He offers straight up, factual yet motivating content for anyone serious about online marketing. Great vibe and another guy you would seriously love to share a beer and taco with. If you want technical know how - this is the spot.

James Swanwick | Australian-American Motivational Coach and Speaker / ESPN Anchor

I met James through Owen Cook one evening in LA and some guys you can tell just "get it". James is one of those dudes. He goes BIG or goes home. Successfully applying the DREAM BIG rule to land one of the best jobs in the world: Sports Anchor for ESPN - he has since turned entrepreneur and motivational speaker to inspire others to follow their same dream. If your struggling for motivation and want to hear from a true guy who's actually done it.: He is your man.

Julien Smith | CEO of Breather

Juliens blog is filled with pure gold right from the entrepreneur playing field. You can immediately tell he is out there testing and tweaking and coming up with rad stuff. His new company Breather is offering space for people to go work or chill out for small time periods. So say you have a client meeting in New York but need somewhere private - you can rent a cool space with WIFI for a few hours. REALLY cool. His writing is fantastic too.

John Carlton | Arguably the best copywriter on the planet

When I first started marketing. I started with John Carlton. His words just jump out and grab you, excite the hell out of you and then make you buy something (if that's what he wants you to do). If you can be 10% as good a copywriter as him then you've got it made. His courses and learning programs are top notch and timeless. His blog will blow your socks off too. An essential skill for all entrepreneurs who want to ring the cash register (I got that from him btw).

Chris Ducker | Author Virtual Freedom

I picked up Chris's book Virtual Freedom after it's recent release and thought it was a great how to manual for those looking to automate and outsource their business. He gives so many little nuances that will save you countless hours in dealing with and hiring your virtual staff. I wish I had this book sooner. His blog is also an excellent resource if you're looking to get your own Virtual Assistant as well.

Maneesh Sethi | Entrepreneurial Hacker

I got on to Maneesh through James Swanwick and really enjoyed his "Hack The System" material. His approach reminds me nostalgically and refreshingly of the movie I loved so much back in the day 'Hackers' and he views the entrepreneurial game the same way. He is full Freedom Business certified and loves his travel and good times. Get some great tips from his blog here.

Andy Morgan | Founder Ripped Body . JP

Aside from my local Mr Southern Hemisphere bodybuilding trainer THIS dude is the cutting edge in terms of building muscle whilst burning fat at the same time. If you want a great method of keeping in shape whilst building or running your freedom business on the road, Andy's articles are inspiring, simple BUT ACTUALLY WORK. See his testimonial pics and you will see how you can get ripped in 12 weeks. Actually for real.

Nomadic Matt | How To Travel Cheaper, Better, Longer

One of two travel sites I frequent. Nomadic Matt is full of the Freedom Business spirit in his travel and adventures. If you want some inspiration as you build your Freedom Business then this dude will make you want to pack your bags and head out the door right now! Great for your goals and inspiration. Matt focuses on tips for doing the travel on a budget - which can be cool when you are in the early stages of Freedom Business building and just want to hit the road. Check him out here.

Rob Lloyd | Stop Having A Boring Life

How's that for a title of your blog? Very aligned with the Freedom Business philosophy - Rob did what most people dream of: sold all his stuff and travels permanently. His blog is the other travel blog I regularly check up on as his down-to-earth writing style is great and echoes a lot of my own travel experiences. He also seems like a great dude to have a beer with. Check out where he is now.

Really important: If you enjoyed this article and it was some value to you - it would mean a lot if you could leave me a comment... I read and enjoy every single one...

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Kenya "Jazz" Gibson
St. Louis, MO USA - November 26, 2016 at 07:00 am - Reply
LOVED the reading! Felt like what i say...I've always lived in my truth! Somewhere along the path, i started listening to the voices of others like family & a few friends that lived in yhe fear of "what if's" & i started adopting their mentality as mine. I lived in the faith & daringness of "what if's" with both sucesses and failures, but i never cared, i just didn't think too long and hard. Then one day i started moving my voice to the back and moving theirs to the front. Obviously i'm awaken from my slumber! This article attracted me. It must be part of my good---amazingly gifting me with tools to get back up, reboot and aim! (And that's my trademark, lol) Thank you Timonthy Marc! Excellent writing!
Melbourne - September 13, 2016 at 07:28 pm - Reply
Good stuff mate...
Vineet kashyap
india - June 28, 2016 at 04:01 am - Reply
Well written, drastic change.
Michigan - June 26, 2016 at 06:32 pm - Reply
Jesus, Tim, Just by reading this, you've already started to help me get my life back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Timothy Marc
Melbourne - July 11, 2016 at 10:45 pm - Reply
Thanks Jeff, glad you liked the content.
Guam - May 19, 2016 at 08:01 pm - Reply
On point man! Great post. Pretty much maxed out the last $1500 left on my credit card on a program to kickstart my path towards the James Bond lifestyle.

Can't wait for SSM to open up this year man.

Cheers from Vegas

Ronnie Zamora
Edinburg, TX - May 15, 2016 at 07:45 pm - Reply
Wow, I don't even know what to say after reading all of this. I've definitely fell victim to a lot of these mistakes/excuses in life. THANK YOU very much for posting all of this it was exactly the kind of truths that needed to be spoken!
Timothy Marc
Melbourne - May 19, 2016 at 07:40 pm - Reply
Awesome to hear Ronnie, glad you took something from the article
Toronto - May 12, 2016 at 08:23 am - Reply
Your content is addictive. This article made me feel inspired and depressed at the same.
Vancouver - April 27, 2016 at 07:13 am - Reply
Great blog. There is so much in here, it could be a mini ebook. Way to go and keep them coming!
Timothy Marc
Australia - April 27, 2016 at 08:13 pm - Reply
Thanks Anthony, glad the post resonated with you, plenty more to come soon...
Kathi Gill
Seattle Washington USA - May 11, 2016 at 08:53 am - Reply
Thank-you, I really appreciate your knowledge and cutting through the BS...I too believe
'The no-need" to reinvent the wheel, and study what has worked for others "Outside the Box". So many things you pointed out resonates with my outlook .Anyway I will be looking forward to the boot camp a-mail. Thank-you, Kind Regards Kat