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This year I flew out to speak in Zurich for the Lifestyle Design Convention which is a really cool event aimed at people looking to improve or even completely change their lifestyle.

Now here’s the (sometimes painful) truth about lifestyle design: there is an unavoidable reality that any form of life you choose is going to cost you a certain amount of money.

Whether you wish to have big homes, cars and all that fancy stuff…

Or you simply wish to have enough funds to backpack around the world…

You’re going to have to work out a way to produce enough value and GET PAID in order to fund the life you choose.

There is just no escaping this reality. You have to embrace it and treat it as a fun little game.

Option 1: You can produce this value in the form of a job where you get paid for your services and time as an employee

Option 2: You can do what we are all about here and what the focus of my presentation in Switzerland is:

You can build a Freedom Business to fund the lifestyle you want.

The speech you should click now and watch above, delivered live, is a fantastic Freedom Business primer around our core philosophy.

It also contains some little mindset shifts that will also help you progress on your journey as well.

Careful though: although this is all quite inspiring, as you see I’m definitely NOT the guy who is going to tell you to “Quit your job and follow your passion and everything will work out”.

I believe in following a proven, reliable plan to get what you want instead.

1. “What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi

So picture this: I’m on my way to Zurich to do the presentation with a stop overnight in Dubai.

I wake up to a beautiful warm morning.

The sky is a burnt orange and i’m thinking about my presentation and also my all time favourite quote.

It’s a quote I try to remember every single day:

“What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi

In other words… Imagine if what you really want, deep down – is actually seeking you out at the same time…

It’s a nice thought to hold as you go through tough times because it gives you faith to keep pushing through.

It’s also a nice thought to hold as you go through good times because it allows you to fully accept and enjoy the great things that are happening to you without any guilt or shame (that may lead to you sabotaging).

2. Designing your life so that everything is a pure delight to use

This is a video of my girlfriend and I taking a spontaneous “Freedom Trip” away from the cold weather of Melbourne off to tropical north paradise called Port Douglas in Australia.

See the most exciting thing about lifestyle design for me, is treating the world like a giant smorgasbord of delicious options.

You pick and choose the stuff that RESONATES with you the most.

And discard the stuff that doesn’t vibe with you.

This goes for:
– People
– Places
– Things
– Activities

I talk about the examples of my own Tinder date experimentation in the presentation video above.

This is an example of PEOPLE resonating with you or not.

I’m 31 now and have a fairly good idea on the people that resonate with me the most, so I try my best to only spend my limited amount of time surrounded by those people.

My good friend Brian who is a Freedom Business boss as well has been living and working from five star hotels all over the world for the last few years and has just moved to Puerto Rico.

When we were in Bulgaria at a Ski resort he dislikes the cold weather so much that he didn’t want to make the effort to go skiing at all.

He was perfectly happy not to.

His philosophy: “If I don’t feel like it or it’s not my thing that’s ok – I don’t have to do it”.

In the past I would go Skiing because I felt that I should or that other people were doing it.

Now – If it doesn’t resonate: it doesn’t happen.

An example of how things resonate is mobile phone technology. Some like iPhone. Some like Android.

Whichever one is a delight for YOU to use, is the one that matters and be aware that your personal tastes (and resonance) will evolve and change over time.

What it all boils down to…

I believe in making every single area of your life, from the time you open your eyes and wake up to the moment you go to sleep – an absolute DELIGHT to use.

3. Designing your ultimate lifestyle starts with WHY

Though we may have desires or bold goals, for whatever reason, most of us don’t think we can achieve something beyond what we’re qualified to achieve. Why, I ask, do we let reality interfere with our dreams?

– Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek and his book “Start with why” is a great place to begin if you have no idea what you want to start building your lifestyle around.

Starting with the question WHY is essential to look at your motivations to ACT.

You see, starting a Freedom Business is not that difficult.

Building it to fund your lifestyle of your dreams IS.

There are many moving components from choosing the right ideal customer, to building your customer experience, to driving traffic, sales funnels, email autoresponders, outsourced teams, etc.

As the head honcho/big boss is YOU… YOU need to ACT.

There’s endless tasks and planning in your way to getting the lifestyle you want.

And to get you out of bed smashing those tasks with vigour – you need to know WHY.

Why, ultimately, do YOU want to build a Freedom Business and join the rest of our Secret Society who have done the same?

Everyones ‘Why’ is different.

Meet Joseph, one of our Secret Society Mastermind members who joined the program and built a physical product business: www.acclaimapparel.com

“Skip ahead 12 months and with all the skills learnt from SSM, myself and a good mate have created Acclaim Apparel (the ultimate lifestyle clothing brand =P).

In all seriousness though, without the knowledge of putting together premium websites and creating some kind of marketing campaign, www.acclaimapparel.com would have just remained a pipe dream for us.

Major skills learnt and implemented from SSM:
-E Commerce website design and development
-Social Media strategy
-Online/offline marketing
-Product and material sourcing

Literally saved ourselves thousands of $$$.

So cheers again Tim and all you guys and remember that you can literally take this anywhere!




Joseph not only has a great product. He actually LOVES his product.

So his business is not just there to send him cash, it’s actually there to exercise his creative instincts as well.

Some people need to feel passionate about the business idea they choose and make the business a part of their lifestyle…

Others are happy with grinding it out and don’t care as long as the income targets are hit.

My Personal Why:

For all of my 20s my ‘why’ was to fly around the world with my laptop, chasing adventures, fun and excitement.

So I learned how to build location independent businesses to fund this dream and in exploring the world I got to learn about what I want the most.

My current ‘why’ is to build an amazing company that also funds the lifestyle I want, but in a different way.

I have a physical location/studio and team in which i’m super excited about.

We get to completely separate the work and home life – one of the drawbacks of the laptop business lifestyle.

We’ve also designed the ultimate workspace. Somewhere you get excited to go and smash out the work.

This is the place we can also deliver world class training and support to our Secret Society Mastermind members.

So i’m extremely curious…

What is your ‘WHY’?

What is it that you are seeking?

I’m looking forward to giving you joining us on the adventure.

PS. If you are around Switzerland next year make sure you check out the Lifestyle Design Convention

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