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Are you ready to learn the most potent productivity hack i've ever used?

Are you ready to learn the most potent productivity hack i've ever used?

Let's do it and get you smashing it.

It's a cold Monday morning here at Timothy Marc Melbourne where i’m super pumped to show you my all time favourite technique:


I’ve personally used this for the last five years to launch most of my major projects as it completely eliminates the laziness and self-deception that happens when you run your own life (meaning, you don’t have a job or a boss to hold you accountable to get stuff done).

I’ll be using this proven technique to smash all the tasks that I currently have on my plate right now:

- Weekly blog post writing and filming for you
- Weekly production of content for our Secret Society Mastermind program (currently teaching information - and physical product Freedom Businesses)
- Prepare to take new applicants like you into the program

There’s things in this list I enjoy doing, sure.

But there’s also things I don’t.

So for me, the basic key is to be able to get yourself to do the things that need to be done so that you and your business ends up achieving the things that you want.

The truth is: whether it comes to a new gym program or building a business or anything that has a specific goal - the process is the same...

1. Have a solid plan from a proven expert
2. Execute the plan (do the steps) - NO MATTER WHAT

Now step one (the plan) is critical but it’s also where people spend most of their time: tinkering around with a plan and not actually executing anything to really get momentum and results.

How many times have you said to yourself “Ok this is it!” you’re FINALLY starting a new goal, be it build a business, or start a new gym program or whatever it is…

…and then FALLEN OFF?

This is because, as Tony Schwartz (productivity expert and author of The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working) says:

Human beings have an infinite capacity for self-deception

And if there was an award for self-deception I think I would win it every time.

I’m honestly naturally quite lazy and prone to talking myself out of things.

For me, there’s just so many excuses for not rolling up the sleeves, diving in and actually doing what needs to be done.

Sample Excuse List:
- I’m too tired
- Now isn’t the right time
- Maybe the plan sucks
- Nobody is going to buy it anyway

One of the biggest lessons I learned this year from one unexpected source was:

Sometimes the things you need to do aren’t glamorous, they aren’t exciting, they aren’t passion filled flowers of blissfully fun delight - they are simply things that need to get done.

The unexpected source I learned this from was a guy I met this year who is all about “Passion” and “Living your dream”.

He told me that “If you’re not excited or motivated to do your work every day then you should find different work."

Sounds great right?


I've done some business with this “passion man” and he has failed, multiple times to deliver on a simple item that he said he would.

This basic ability: to execute and do what you say you are going to do - is VASTLY more important than passion.

It means that you develop the core ability to MAKE THINGS ACTUALLY HAPPEN instead of being a "head in the clouds talker guy” of whom I’ve come to loathe.

Think of how confident you would be in your day to day life if you knew that once you set a goal, you trusted yourself enough to execute the tasks necessary to see that goal come to life.

It’s what the famous General George S Patton calls a man's DUTY.

In this quote from him i’m going to exchange the word BATTLE for the words TASK EXECUTION. I don’t think George will mind.

[Task Execution] is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in [Task Execution]. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.
- George S. Patton

Fall in love with the PROCESS not the PASSION

The solution is to fall in love with the PROCESS not the PASSION.

The process of setting targets, and executing the tasks necessary to hit them.

That’s where i’ve personally found the love.

Whether it’s getting myself to the squat rack or getting myself in front of the computer to pump out this blog post - I don’t necessarily love doing those things - but I love the process of seeing myself GET THE THINGS DONE.

The two examples you see in the above video are a personal goal (the going to the gym) and the business goal of launching my very first Secret Society Mastermind training program.

Here at Timothy Marc we have over 700 clients all over the world who are building their own Freedom Businesses through our training program called “The Secret Society Mastermind” (SSM for short).

However we wouldn’t have this amazing community if I didn’t do the tasks leading up to this lofty goal of having hundreds of successful members.

See around six years ago I had my own Freedom Businesses and was travelling around the world running them happily from my laptop.

Friends and associates naturally got excited and started to ask me to train them on how they could do the same, plus i’d built a small little email list and following.

So an early mentor suggested I launch a training program.

The list of things to do to launch the first SSM program was crazy.

So many tasks.

So much stuff i’d never done before.

It was there I learned the “Throw the backpack over the fence” technique that I now use every day to get stuff done even if I don’t feel like it.

Using The Backpack Technique For Ultimate Task Execution Glory

In order to have a successful launch of my first businesses and also the first SSM program I needed to push myself outside my comfort zone and do tasks that I didn’t feel like doing.

The “backpack over the fence” analogy is drawn from when you were a little kid and you had a huge fence to climb.

You throw your backpack over the fence first, because we all know it’s tough to climb with the backpack on…

And then you can’t chicken out and not climb the fence because your backpack is over there and your mother would be pissed off if you came back home without it.

The result: you get over that fence even if it’s hard and it hurts!

So in this case the throwing of the backpack was a simple email to my small list of email subscribers saying “Hey, we are doing a Freedom Business training in 2 weeks… who wants in?”.

Then because i’d thrown the backpack and told everyone...

I had to step up and do it or ruin my relationship with them and look like an “all talk no action” guy.

It worked.

We had our first program and now we have refined it over the years to proudly be the number one entrepreneur training program in the world.

SSM member Aladin threw the backpack over

The Three Step Backpack Technique:

1. Setup your task list in advance, when you’re in a clear objective headspace. I like Sunday nights.

2. Throw the backpack over the fence: Email your task list to an "accountability buddy" or even better, your audience or staff: subscribers, twitter followers etc

3. Have high pain stakes: e.g. $200 if tasks aren’t completed or destroying relationships if you don’t follow through

So for example when I was doing the first launch of my training course… I had to do a series of videos.

I sent an email to my list saying “Hey the first two videos will be out in 3 days!” then I emailed my accountability partner Dustin and said “Hey man I need to get 2 videos done by 10pm tomorrow or else I send you $200”.

The pain of not delivering on my promise and losing $200 far outweighed any tiredness, excuses or pain I had to go through to produce those videos.

The backpack was over the fence.

I grit my teeth and smashed through the work.

And my goals showed up in real life.

So never EVER forget: As Sun Tzu said… Know thyself.

You have an uncanny and unlimited ability to deceive yourself into thinking that everything is ok and that you don’t need to do the work now.

Time is ticking.

What if you could take that new business you are launching and do it in 3 weeks instead of 6 months?

Let me know in the comments below: What’s the one goal that YOU need to throw the backpack over the fence for?

And what’s your experiences with passion vs execution?

Looking forward to discussing with you below.

The Backpack Technique

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